Port Campbell, Victoria with its beautiful natural tourist attractions is a great destination when planning a vacation or trip in Australia. Port Campbell is a seaside village located in the western side of Melbourne and can be reached by road trip through Great Ocean Road.

You can ride public trains from Melbourne to Victoria. The Port Campbell Touring Company picks up tourists from Warrnambool or Camperdown stations. There are also buses plying from Geelong and Warrnambool every Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. They travel on Great Ocean Road via the Apollo Bay. When driving cars from Melbourne, the A1 Highway via Geelong and Colac is the best route.

Port Campbell offers variety of choices. It has special accommodation packages for families, couples, individuals, groups and those who have pets. There are plenty of motels, luxury apartments, guest houses, holiday park cabins, cottages, and bed and breakfast as well as backpackers’ budget rooms.

Here are the choices:


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Luxury Villas or boutiques

These places offer excellent service and accommodations. Luxurious villas are mostly anchored in Limestone Hills of Port Campbell. Smaller villas or boutiques can be found in the central district of the area which allow bay and ocean views. There are also unique accommodations at different self-contained farms around Port Campbell.

Bed and Breakfasts

There are many establishments like this in Port Campbell and neighboring places. One advantage of staying in Bed and Breakfasts is getting personal and warm attention. Find areas with ocean views to make your stay more relaxing. Most of them are located in safe and secluded locations which is ideal for perfect personal relaxation.


Family and couple apartments are readily available in commercial district of Port Campbell. They are the best options for those who want close proximity to restaurants, cafes, shopping areas and recreational businesses. Those who want near the beach can find several apartments outside the bustling town center.

Cottages and Cabins

There are many comfortable cabins ranging from luxury chalets to budget lodges. There are several self-contained cottages around town within walking distance from different shops, cafes and restaurants.

Hotels and Motels

Port Campbell offers an excellent choice of hotels and motels which are within budgets. They are mostly located in the center district of the town. They are situated near beach and commercial establishments to bring satisfaction to tourists.

Holiday and Tourists Parks

These places offers modern facilities to satisfy the demands of tourists who want to do business while having vacation or keep up the usual lifestyle even far away from home. They also accommodate people who want to do outdoor events and caravans.

Backpackers and Camping Sites

Visiting tourists who love simple accommodation would be delighted to find places in Port Campbell which offers private or dorm-type rooms.

Pet-friendly Accommodations

For pet lovers who do not want to leave their precious dogs or cats at home would be glad to find places who accept pet accommodations.

Port Campbell Accommodation will never fail to give you the best of service and a great place away from home.

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