Port Campbell 12 Apostles are towering rock stacks in Southern Ocean which were formed by wind and waves years ago. The sight of these pinnacles brings a sense of awe from every tourist who visits the place. The rugged beauty of these rock formations attracts an approximately 1.2 million tourists every year. The huge number of visitors is affirmation of its popularity.This glorious natural rock formation is best beheld during sunrise and sunset.

The picturesque golden crumbling rock pillars make every journey a memorable lifetime experience.

Apostles     Apostles     

The 12-Apostles are part of Port Campbell National Park. They are located on the junction of Great Ocean Road and Booringa Road. They are part and protected by 12 Apostles Marine National Park. This marine park measures 7,500 hectares with 17 km. of splendid coastline. The park also protects the underwater beauty of the sea in the territory which boasts of deep, sloping reefs, arches, canyons, gutters and fissures. Whales are known to visit the area. The Twelve Apostles were originally eight rock stacks but one of them collapsed in July 2005 leaving seven pillars. Out of these seven, only six are easily seen by tourist because the seventh pillar is located few meters away from viewing deck. They were once called The Sow and Piglets. The Sow was the Island of Mutton Bird and the Piglets were the rocks in the coast.

To Apostles, two access roads can be used. Coming from Melbourne, visitors can travel via Great Ocean Road or Princess Highway. The journey to 12 Apostles starts by registering in Visitors Centre which provides essential information and directions. There is a tunnel beneath Great Ocean Road which brings tourists to viewing platforms. There is also a Great Ocean Walk trail located in the south area of the 12 Apostles Visitors Facility where people can safely reach platforms. It has a distance of 1.1 km.


The classic view can be done from the shore. However, those who want to see better view need access by boat rides with experts manning the motors because of powerful force of waves in the sea. During early years, these rock pillars can be seen via Old Roach road of Port Campbell. There are several areas to view the magnificence of 12 Apostles. The main area can be reached through a stair. For those who are in wheelchairs and strollers, there is an access road to make their descent safe and easy.

Different information signage is placed along the area to remind or direct people. The viewing platform measures 2.1 meters wide and is quite long so it can accommodate a large number of people.  Those who have seen the unrivaled beauty of these rock formations do not forget how natural creations delight them beyond compare.